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Ellen Kreger

Ellen Kreger was born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin.  She graduated from Madison College, and her career included working in the non-profit sector and owning several small businesses over the years.

Her artistic outlets have included fine jewelry, multi-fiber felt art and clothing, metal art, sewing, furniture restoration, and multi-media art.  A dear friend (who was also an art teacher) would often tease her that she should "pick a medium!"

In 2015, Ellen and her husband moved to Las Vegas because he was offered a new career opportunity.  Ellen continued to run a business in Wisconsin, but quickly adjusted to her new surroundings.  Styles of art in the Southwest appeared to be a little different than the Midwest.  It was now time to "pick a medium."  She fell madly in love with hot glass and the magic that happens inside the kiln.  One of the best things about working with glass is that there are so many different types of glass--from powders to sheets--so flexibility and choices are endless.

While still traveling to Wisconsin frequently for business and to spend time with her two children, Ellen also works for an entertainer here in Las Vegas.

Ellen gets her inspiration from the abundance of music, lights, architecture, and the amazing mountainous landscape here, as well as the abundance of green landscape surrounding The Great Lakes.

Finally, Ellen would like all to know, "I welcome custom orders!"