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Artnwordz - AKA Grant Rosen and Micha Kuechenhoff,

are two creative souls
who love to make people smile, laugh and think. Micha, originally fromBerlin, was a map maker responsible for joining East and West Berlin roads once the wall fell. She also studied art in school and put her skills to good use as a celebrity jewelry designer once she moved to the US. She brings that visual sensibility and exacting detail to their artworks.

Grant, from Los Angeles, is a professional Broadway dancer, singer, actor, photographer and artist. Originally his artworks were only seen as dedications on backstage walls in theaters. In addition, he also happens to be a lover of words, commonly known as a Logophile, which is of great use for their artworks. Their originals are featured in hotels, museums, design spaces, galleries to private collections and are very popular amongst first time art buyers and celebrities all over the US and internationally. Micha and Grant are also the SPOTLIGHT Award Recipients of the Red Dot Show 2019 at Miami Art Basel Week.

About the Process, paper, art and words:

We save water, fire and spine broken books and use these original sources, which are up to 149 years old to create our artwork on vintage dictionary, world atlas and sheet music pages. Each handpicked page is refurbished and mounted on acid free backing for preservation. No two pieces, even in a numbered limited edition original series, are the same because the words match the images and the images match the paper - so each piece is truly a one of a kind.

All our originals are created with a variety of mixed media techniques.
We hope you enjoy the artwork as much as we enjoyed creating it!
Grant Rosen and Micha Kuechenhoff