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Robb Rocket

Robb Rocket is an eccentric, self-proclaimed "FREEBROW" Artist & Designer, whose influences are wide ranging, from mid-century & pop-culture, burlesque, hot rod & tiki, to contemporary street, and comic art. Rocket's influences can be recognized in much of his work. "I like Fun & Quirky, so that's what I create," he says, "using whatever style or medium seems like the most fun for each piece created". He believes in No Limits for Artistic growth & Satisfaction for his collectors, and feels his abilities are a "Gift from above." He has practiced & cherished his artistic talent almost daily since childhood.

Rocket received a degree with honors from Al Collins Graphic Design School in 1991. While in school & after graduating he did freelance work, branding Graphics, Illustrations, & T-shirt designs for several years. In 1994, upon returning to the four corners from Mesa, AZ, he put his skills to work doing award-winning custom paint work in the Hot Rod & Motorcycle world for many years.
Currently residing in Las Vegas, NV, Rocket now works in conjunction with his wife & art partner, Roswell, out of their Retro-Mod Studio. He has decided to concentrate on works that adhere to his "Vision of GROOVE"! He has presented --& continues to present--
works in galleries & shows in Las Vegas, NV, California, Colorado, Utah & New Mexico.

As he puts it, "Art is my little sanctuary for the mind, where I go to let my creativity gleem our wonderful planet." Rocket is active on YOUTUBE @Robb Rocket Designs & still takes on some commission work in Traditional media, Sculpture, & Digital design & illustration, done in the skillsets he strives to perfect with his stylized twist.