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Ron is, indeed, an “accidental” fused glass artist. There is no fine arts degree that matches his Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Ohio State University. But it seems he has an imagination for spatial shapes and a love of vivid colors.

He and his wife have always loved glass and started decorating their new home with glass tables. One table inspired his wife to desire a napkin holder mimicking its triangular shape. That led them to their Sun City Anthem Arts and Crafts Club which has a Fused Glass subgroup. They thought they would find someone to make the napkin holder. Instead, the leader invited them to join the club and make it themselves. Thus, the task fell on Ron and he suddenly began crafting fused glass creations! His wife waited three years for the napkin holder because he was inspired to make wall hangings, coffee tables, bowls, and other various pieces for their home.

Although he considers himself an amateur artist, many have praised
Ron’s work as art gallery worthy. His motivation is facing the challenge of
his concept and seeing it executed properly to his standards. When others enjoy his creations, that completes the inspiration cycle.