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Stacey Wells

Stacey Wells grew up in the beauty of North Vancouver where she began her love for drawing. Tragically, when Stacey was two, her father, Warner Wells, was killed in a plane crash when a passenger put a bomb on board the commercial airplane he was piloting.

Because of this, Stacey spent countless wonderful hours with her grandparents who lived on the waterfront in West Vancouver. There, her grandfather taught her to skip rocks on the ocean. She loved to watch the ripples in the sunlight, and this is where her fascination with water, light and reflections began.

Years later Stacey traveled with her mom and sisters to Australia where they lived out their father's dream to take his family there. With stays in Fiji and Hawaii along the way, Stacey cataloged the colors and sights in her mind's eye to eventually unleash in her large vibrant acrylic paintings, and unique underwater portraits.

Stacey attended Carson Graham Secondary which had an incredible art program. Wells flourished with great mentors, Wing Chow and Martin Place, who taught commercial design, lithography and sculpture. Stacey excelled in sculpture and won a scholarship award for her work. In her early work she was inspired by Andrew Wyeth and credits her technical drawing skills to hours of studying his work. As the years progressed Stacey found new inspiration in artists such as Warhol, Gauguin, Van Gogh and Dali. Stacey's style loosened up and with each passionate brush stroke she created her own unique style.

A decade later, while on a wine tour with girlfriends, Wells became inspired to create paintings of wine bottles with reflections in them. After tasting wine so good, it was Rock Star worthy. Wells wanted to reflect good times had with music, wine, essentially capturing time in a bottle. Wells'
"Rock Star Reflections" pieces fast became popular which spun into a series of collectable artworks. Many of the bottles have hidden symbols and messages allowing one to send a "message in a bottle" to the one they love.

Stacey's art can be found on art collectors' walls worldwide, including those of celebrities like Steven Tyler, Sean Stewart and Hugh Hefner, to name a few. Wells is also sought after by large corporations and was commissioned to create art for The Hard Rock Hotel International and The NFL Raiders, for Allegiant Stadium.

Artist Statement

I am a mixologist of art, music, wine, pop culture, and humor, creating edgy pop art that embodies the essence of moments
and starts a conversation. I am well-known for my unique wine artworks, reflecting good times had with music and wine, essentially capturing time in a bottle.

The series was inspired after tasting wine so good it was Rock Star worthy. I wanted to capture good times I had with people I love--and bottle them to enjoy forever. Each piece of art will bring the viewer back to a moment in time and each person will have their own special memory to enjoy.

Quickly, this became a popular, collectible art series.
Each artwork has hidden words or symbols in the reflections allowing the buyer to send a message in a bottle to the one they love or collect for themselves.

I was invited to hang my Rock Star
Reflection artworks at a private event with Gene Simmons, where my art hung on either side of the KISS Axe Bass Guitar. I was also invited to show my art at a celebrity wine event at Jason Priestley's winery.

My pieces hang on art collectors' walls worldwide, including a few celebrities. I have also been commissioned by large corporations such as the Hard Rock Hotel to create art for their newest location in Atlantic City, as well as by the NFL Raiders for Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas.

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