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Theresa Atkinson

Theresa Atkinson was born and raised in Michigan.  She served in the business office of the Automobile industry for 25 years.

Being extremely fortunate to retire in 2002, Theresa and her husband, George, traveled the United States extensively for several years seeking out "retirement Utopia." The playground for retirees, Las Vegas, Nevada, won their hearts, where they enjoy bowling, golfing, boating, and the Las Vegas nightlife.

After retirement Theresa found a new passion for glass art work, starting out in Stained Glass, but soon finding her true passion in Fused Glass.  Being an active teacher and mentor for the Sun City Anthem Fused Glass Club in the Las Vegas Valley has been extremely fulfilling.  Belonging to this club where you meet new people who have a love for the craft as well is such a blessing!

Challenging herself to explore new techniques and designs is exciting, rewarding, and on occasion, a little disappointing--but always a learning experience.

There is no better feeling when your artwork is appreciated by others and displayed in their home or office.  That in itself is an inspiration to continue the passion!