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Valerie's artistic journey began in her early days, born in Ukraine and raised amidst the scenic beauty of the Czech Republic. Discovering her talent for drawing portraits and exploring silhouette art styles at a young age, Valerie was drawn to the world of creativity.

Though Valerie harbored a deep love for art, she initially pursued a career as a makeup artist, considering it a more practical choice. However, as she became a mother to two children, she sought additional sources of income while yearning for a fulfilling hobby. It was then that she turned to sculpting clay elephants, a venture that proved unexpectedly successful, with over 1000 pieces sold.

Driven by a desire for a fresh start, Valerie made the bold decision to relocate to America with her children. However, her plans were abruptly disrupted when, after arriving in America, a serious accident left her unable to work or pursue her artistic endeavors due to her injuries. After years of receiving proper treatment, Valerie began the slow journey towards recovery, though she was officially registered as disabled.

Despite her physical limitations, Valerie refused to be confined to inaction, feeling a relentless urge to create. Embracing a new and unique direction, she found her artistic voice in abstract art, drawing inspiration from the earth's natural beauty. In late 2022, Valerie reentered the art world, selling her vibrant abstract pieces and rediscovering her passion for creating art that inspired others and enhanced their living spaces.

Through resilience and determination, Valerie proved that even in the face of adversity, creativity knows no bounds, lighting a path of hope and inspiration for all who encountered her colorful creations.

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